Monday, July 09, 2007

Our trip pics!

These are just SOME of the pictures we took when we were in D.C.! Sean took about 99% of them, that is why I am the star of most of these and Sean is in hardly any. I hope you enjoy....

Arlington Cemetery: The changing of the guards, the flame that Jackie Kennedy lit when JFK was buried (it will never go out), graves of soldiers.

Washington Monument: The view from inside and out.

Bodies Exhibition: We couldn't take pictures inside, but it was awesome. Check out the website.

Holocaust Museum: We couldn't take pictures inside here either, but we could light candles in memory of all those who suffered!

Antietam: "The Corn Field" where one of the bloodiest battles in the civil war took place and the sunken road where many soldiers died.

Medical Museum: Warning, there is a picture of a leg with elephantitus and hair that was taken from a girls stomach (she ate her hair). Sick. I have a bunch of other photos but they are pretty graphic. Let me know if you want to see them.

Harper's Ferry: This is where the Union Army was surrounded by the Confederate Army. The Union soldiers had to surrender. When the battle of Gettysburg happened, it was those soldiers who said, remember Harper's Ferry!

Korean War and Vietnam Monuments: The list of all the soldiers who died in the war.

Georgetown: Fun shopping!

White House:

Mt. Vernon and me: We got to ride this scooter around town, it was so fun/kind of scary.

4th of July: We got to spend the 4th on top of our friend's law firm and watch the fireworks and eat hot dogs, chips and lots of icecream! We were so close to the White House, we could see the snipers on top!

Monuments at night, statues and fun times: Pretending to be blind, cutting in line at the food bank, visiting WWII monuments, FDR, Albert Einstein, the Lincoln

Memorial and an awesome statue of a guy coming out of the ground, or sinking, im not sure which.

Friends: Our hosts! Thank you guys so much for letting us stay with you and showing us around town. We had so much fun and can't wait to come back soon to visit again :) Tell Jager I said hi!


tigerfoxbear said...

Wow, look at this little Civil War buff!!! What a little early bird!!! (inside joke for BA). This was an awesome trip, and we had a lot of fun. Thanks for the hospitality Bohn's, anytime you want to check out Timp Cave, let us know.

jill said...

inside jokes are not allowed on my page, unless i am in on them. and sorry about the small pictures. if i have the strength, i will add them again so that you can actually see them!

Alifinale said...

What an awesome trip! It brings me back to our time spent in DC. We have pictures with Bohn on the man face too. You guys have so many great pics! DC sure can bring the history buff out of you.

BA said...

DC also has the Gap, I heard.

I am glad that you guys had a good vacation. Some day Ali and I will go on a vacation, that will be nice.

j+s said...

good job on taking pictures...
i want to go there.
let's hang out soon.
seans hair is buzzed???
looks good

Marc said...

TFB & Jill - Good times were had by all. Come again whenever... maybe next time I won't be all consumed by a miserable and very pointless exam. By the way, TFB sure looks the part holding that kid...

Ali - The man face is a must. TFB didn't want to spoon me on the thumb like BA did though.

BA - Yeah... But they have one less nowadays. That GAP right next to the IMF and World Bank in Foggy Bottom shut down. I guess they got sick of having to close down and board up their windows every year during the protests.

melbo said...

Great pics! You guys were wonderful house guests, it was so fun to play with you! You should come again later when Marc is the one working and I get to stay and play with you all day. I'll actually take showers and make breakfast, how about that? BTW, I told Jager hi and he rubbed his butt on my legs-as you know, it's his signature expression of love. aww! :)

Whitings said...

What a fun vacation you guys had! I am glad you took so many pictures, I just wish I could see them better ;)

The Waites said...

Let me pull out my magnify glass to see your pictures... please make them BIGGER!!! what a fun trip though are you by any chance gonna be in the AZ in Aug cause we are and I wanna get together. Probally not cause its pipin(sp)? hot!!!!

jill said...

Unfortunately we are not. I wish. I have not been to AZ since Christmas! That is a long time for me.

I will make the pictures bigger, or I will just post the link of all the pictures that were taken and you guys can just look through those.

Lindsey said...

Great pictures!! Looks like a fun trip