Saturday, June 30, 2012

Spring/Summer 2012 Update

Jill has lost her desire to update our blog regularly, probably because she now has an iPhone where she is updating with Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc, etc, but she did promise that if I made a post she would get back in the habit of updating more regularly.

We have been having a great time the past few months, spring came early in Idaho and it has been beautiful.  We've spent a lot of time exploring the mountains and other fun things out here.

In May the only professional female cycling event in the US came to Idaho, we were able to see 3 out of the 4 days of the race, and it was amazing.  

Stage 3 of the tour was a brutal day of climbing for the racers and so we took Wyatt and Jude to the top of the 6,000 vertical foot climb, it was awesome.  BTW, this was how I thought we should setup our camp area to watch the race, see below for Jills idea, much, much better.

 Jill was VERY excited
 Jill thought we should combine our camps, she is a genious!
 Blue Steel?
 Jill teaching the boys the art of cheering
These ladies were insane, going about 14 mph when they passed us, the girl in front was the "Queen of the Mountain"

The ladies were going slow enough that they would smile when they heard Wyatt and Jude cheer "Keep going guys, you're winning!"

Wyatt and Jude were so excited, whenever a team van would drive by they would stop and throw them something, they ended up with 2 hats, 3 water bottles and a bunch of racer cards. 

 The finish line on day 4 the final stage of the tour
This photo was taken right before Wyatt decided to urinate without warning us first, he ended up splashing all over the lady behind us who was wearing flip flops, it was great!
The winner of stage 4 but not of the tour

Jill was ready to go home until she saw McDreamy who was there to present the bouquet to the winner.  The race was a blast, many of the worlds top female riders were there and we'll be watching them in the olympics next month. 

Time for Summer haircuts

Wyatt and Jude had been asking to sleep in the tent for months, so we finally decided to let them have their first camping trip.
Awesome camping spot that Jill found

Summer cuts being put to good use.  More chips please.

I HAVE to use this sweet throwing form to avoid dislocating my shoulders
Kirkham Hot Springs
Water in the hot springs was around 115 degrees, the water in the adjacent river was about 40 degrees, we mixed them together and had a nice 95 degree hot tub. 
Hot Springs Water Slide

We also got a little off roading and hiking in on our campout, the boys loved to run and hide around a corner and then sprise us. 

OK, I did what I promised, and now Jill will return to updating this blog more regularly.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Linder Farms

Hay rides, pumpkin picking, doughnut eating, tractor riding. It was a happy night.

Our 2 attempts at a family picture. Nailed it.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Sunday, October 09, 2011


I had a birthday. And I felt very loved. My family and friends spoiled me and made me feel extra special. Lots of calls + texts, packages in the mail, dinner with Sean and lunch with friends. It was a birthday week! And that's just how it should be. 

Sean took me to Barbacoa for dinner. And it really was so so good. My steak? They lit it on fire. And served it to me on a hot rock on top of a giant wood platter. And made us the best guacamole i've ever had right at our table. I was just so happy the entire time. Because Sean makes me happy. And so does food.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wyatt Reads

My Mom bought Wyatt a Lightning Mcqueen book about a month ago. He hasn't put it down since. Each night he has us to read it to him before he goes to bed. The past few nights, he has wanted to read* it to us. It's pretty much the most precious thing you will ever listen to. 

Thanks, Grandma Eve!

ps. I also love how he announces that he has to go poo at the end. I bought him another Lightning + Mater book today as a "poo poo prize." He is pretty much determined to have a BM.

*Sean wanted me to clarify...Wyatt does not know how to read. He just memorized the pages after weeks of us reading it to him :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

3 years

Wyatt turned 3 on July 31st. We had a little Birthday party for him with just a couple of his buddies. He requested that he have a "Cars" party. So that is just what he got. Sean and I made them cardboard box cars. We played a "stop-go-slow" game. They were bored out of their minds. So we moved on to frosting mini cakes and opening presents. Later that night, around 11:30pm, he was still playing around in his room. I went in and told him that it was time for him to go to bed. His reply: "I'm just too happy!" So I think he had a good day. We love you, Wyatt!

ps. Why do I have that purple shirt on in every.single.picture. Clearly I need to start mixing things up a bit in the wardrobe dept.

Wyatt's Birthday Picnic

Wyatt wanted to have a picnic for his Birthday, so we went on a drive out by the lake, parked the truck and  had a little lunch + Idaho Spuds for dessert. It was a good time.

State Fair

If you are thinking about taking your kids to the fair. Don't. They will most likely have simultaneous meltdowns and immediately get diarrhea upon arrival. And! You will end up paying $75 per person for really gross food + 15 second rides while getting attacked by mosquitos and sweating to death in the 100 degree heat. I'm also 99% sure that we all contracted the AIDS virus while trying to hose Wyatt down in the public bathroom after said dysentery took action. Sick.

Jude's face pretty much sums up our evening.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Preschool, here we come!"

Here are a few pictures from Wyatt's first week at preschool. Grandma Eve was able to be there for his first day at school. It was extra special!

My main concern: He had to be "fully potty trained" to start preschool.  Which apparently means he has to be able to walk upstairs and down the hall to the bathroom. Take his clothes off (he insists on removing everything except his shirt), and put them back on. Wash his hands, dry off etc. etc. Then make his way back downstairs to his classroom. All by himself.* (Weird?) So we are working on that. I'm trying to make the whole process easier for him (mainly the dressing part) I'm on the lookout for shorts that have a stretchy waist and no buttons/snaps/zippers that don't make him look like a complete dork. Any suggestions?

* Today his teacher found him in the hall, just casually getting a drink from the water fountain. Shorts and underwear around his ankles. Classy, Wyatt.

And here is what is going on at home while Wyatt is in school. Fun.