Sunday, February 24, 2008

St George/Las Vegas Trip

The day after Valentines Sean and I took a trip down to St George to hang out with some friends, have a little picnic and I laid in the sun with the girls while the boys went mt biking. Then we headed to Las Vegas to see some other good friends! We had a fun date night with them and then the next day we went to the Red Rocks and did a little site seeing. It was a fun trip, and the weather was so nice. I was really depressed when I had to come back to the freezing cold.


tigerfoxbear said...

I know we took more pictures than this, but I guess Jill didn't like them enough to put them up here! This was a fun trip, fun in the sun!

Juliette said...

Lucky that jacket was covering your belly because I was very ready to tell you feed the child! You look awesome and even though I can't see a bump because of the jacket, I'm sure there wouldn't be one anyway. Hope your enjoying your pregnancy.

Heidi Ann said...

Fun, fun! Enjoy your freedom now because it's about to come to a screeching hault!