Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Please excuse Jill's absence

I felt compelled to write tonight as Jill is out of town on business. Jill is so great at what she does that they chose her and a friend to go to Canada to teach some canuks how to sell alarm systems.

So tonight, instead of sitting at home wishing someone would make a rad dinner for me, I decided to bro-out with some friends at the Movies 8. We decided to see the movie "21" because we'd been told by a friend that it was a great movie...well 2 hours later I just want everyone to know he was wrong. I hate it when you go into a movie with high expectations and within the first 20 minutes you realize you've wasted not only $8.50, but also 2 hours of your life. That was how this movie was for me. OK, it obviously isn't as bad as say, "Enchanted" or "Chocolate" or "The Holiday" (these are the only movies Jill watches, she really tries to get them in at least once a week). The movie is OK, but seeing as how the true story that the movie is based on is so amazing, I was really disappointed. I really felt like the director and the writers didn't realize that the story was good by itself so they had to "Hollywood" the movie up, they turned it into a sort of Oceans 14, but without George Clooney's handsome looks. Anyway, I'd recommend it as a DVD rental for sure, but it's not worth $8.50 in my opinion.

Anyway, the real reason I wanted to post something was this; Jill took one of my old cameras with her to Canada and when I was getting it ready for her I found these cute adorable pictures on it, they are so cute and so adorable:

This was moments before I proposed...

This one was taken seconds after I proposed...

This one is a few weeks later when I surprised her with the actual engagement ring, I'm so SWEET and Thoughtful!

I sure can't wait until Jill gets home and can blog aboot all of her crazy adventures.

xoxo Sean


BA said...

Something doesn't add up, Movies 8? $8.50? I don't think you actually saw the movie at all, so I'm not going to respond to your review.

Those are touching photos though. Isn't it nice to remember what they looked like BEFORE they were pregnant? (Jill looks great, I'm just being a hilarious dude).

Maui said...

Weeks later with a real engagement ring? What did you propose with? A decoder ring out of a cracker jacks box.

Decode this:


Alifinale said...

I, too, was confused about the Movies 8 all of a sudden being $8.50. We all know that Tuesday night is $0.50 night. Plus you hate most things so I am not sure I want to take your word for it.

Love the pics. Fun memories. And BA is a total brat and likes to be hilarious to pregnant girls all the time. The other night he asked if I wasn't sure that I am due in May instead.

tigerfoxbear said...

OMG! (g stands for goodness) OK, we didn't go to Movies 8, I said it because I thought it made the story better, and because in all honesty the Carmike Wynnsong Riverwoods theater is about as nice as Movies 8. Please forgive this horrible mistake.

jill said...

Nice post! I don't know how I feel about those pictures but hey....you finally posted something! I think you have some other good news too....when are you going to share it with everyone else?!

And yes, I am just livin it up in Edmonton, Alberta! Don't be jealous..but tomorrow I am going to one of the largest malls in the world! West Edmonton Mall. I can't wait to buy everything my heart desires!!

melbo said...

Aww, I'm touched that you missed your girl so much that you devoted a post to her, sappy pictures and all. So cute!
I hope Jill makes it home soon, safe and sound with lots of gifts to make up for abandoning you.

p.s. Enchanted is the best movie ever.