Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween Extravaganza

Halloween was especially fun this year, we had some friends come out and visit! Scott, Desi and baby Ky stayed with us for a few nights before driving back to Ut.

Wyatt was a pea in a pod. I thought he looked adorable, but he did not.

Here is a shot of baby Ky (aka "Moose") and Wyatt just before the trick or treating started!

We took a stroll in central park just before we walked by some shops to trick or treat. Instead of kids going door to door in neighborhoods, the shops give out candy.

Some of the houses had some pretty festive decorations!

Wy and Ky in their matching "instructions not included" onsies. Ohhh, look at these cute little buds.

Later that night we went to Brooklyn and had some yummy pizza at Grimaldi's

And took a walk over the Brooklyn bridge!

The view was awesome!

Desi making friends with Joe, the owner of Grimaldi's...and a waitor? I'm not really sure who this other character is.

The pizza was delish, I only wish we could have had some dessert at the light house, or serendipity!! Thanks a lot guys!


{lizzythebotanist} said...

ah-ha! no wonder scott & des didn't show up to the halloween road rally! we were all wondering...but looks like a good/fun excuse! what cute little buds in their costumes! and it must be cold-down coats already?!?! ick.

lindsey said...

he looks soo cute in that costume!!

juliette said...

He is so cute, looks like your doing just fine in New York- don't get to used to it! You look fantastic and I can't wait to talk to you on your new phone!

Kim said...

Hey - I think Mike and I ate there the one time we were in NY too! Small city. ;)