Monday, November 17, 2008


This past weekend we had some good friends come to visit. Marc, Melissa and little Erich! It was so fun to have them, and to hear them speak German to their little boy. This kid is going to be the smartest bi-lingual 2 year old I know!

Here we are in the subway, heading home after eating at the Shake Shack! Nothing like spending $50 on fast food! But it was delish.

Hanging out in Rockefeller Center watching all the ice skaters.

Erich and Wyatt playing together. What cute little buds.

Wyatt showing off his tummy time skills!

Hanging out at Battery Park and looking at the Statue of Liberty (thats the needle looking thing out in the middle of the water). Also..just a suggestion, don't ever bother getting ready here. As soon as you walk outside your (and by "your" I mean "my") hair frizzes up, it starts to rain, the wind is blowing like crazy and you end up looking like crap.

Watching the ice skating from below in Rockefeller Center.

We also went to the World Trade Center site, Central Park, Union Square where they film Project Runway :) and Century 21 where Wyatt pooped his diaper, it shot up his back and soaked his onesie, he was crying bc he was hungry and I ended up having Melissa hold his bottle in his mouth in the middle of some clothing racks while I changed Wyatt on the floor. It was awesome.

Thanks again for coming guys!


Destenee said...

That's a great "mom moment" at the store Jill :)...I'm sure there will be many more to come!

lindsey said...

gotta love the poop up the back!!

sounds like a fun time

Shelly Bean said...

you are a good momma...
i'm so glad to see so many posts!

Heidi Ann said...

You are so lucky you get to see and do all those fun things! And for the record, I've never seen you look like crap!

Kjohnson said...

Wow Jill...those are some nice action shots of Wyatt. Looks like he's really taken the city by storm.Maybe he can show me around town when it's my turn to come visit.

melbo said...

It WAS awesome! Thank you so much!! By the way, I went to Anthropologie the other day and totally felt like I was in your apartment. :)