Monday, February 16, 2009


I especially miss my family and my friends.

I want Sean to be home (not at school studying on his 1 day off bc he has 3 tests this week) so we can do touristy things in the City.
I want to have my sisters over to watch movies and make treats with me.
I want Shelby or Erin to come by so we can go look at fabric and make fun crafts.
I want Krystle to be here so she can quote movies and reenact some hilarious jr high memory we had.
I want Juliette here so she can tell me stories. This girl is one heck of a storyteller. She will have you shedding tears (of laughter that is) by the time she is done with you.
I want Natalie to be here so I can see her pregnant belly!

Is that so much to ask?


Kjohnson said...

Hold on Jill, let me put my razor blade down while I comment on your post. I totally had one of those days last week. I wish I could come up and do touristy things with you. Grandma Sonja didn't have time for all "that bull crap" when we went. She only wanted to shop and dodge taxis on Canal street. I had to get one of those harnesses for her so she wouldn't wander off. P.s. Natalie is pregnant? How exciting for them!

blah, blah by lindsey said...

i want to come watch movies and make treats...i will be there in 7 hours. wait how much does it cost to get there???

miss you tons!!

brooke said...

i want to come and make treats and watch movies too. i really, really do. and i will!!!!! in just 6 1/2 short (not short enough) weeks! until then we have skype... xoxo

Kathryn said...

Erin B let me borrow a few movies today, in my time of need. How 'bout this? You come over, we'll play with Wyatt, watch a movie & make treats. I'm probably a poor replacement, but I'll do my very best.

I'm free... every single day this week, pretty much all day every day. :)

juliette said...

Ahhhh yes- every afternoon around 3:00 I feel like posting a similar post! I miss you tons and just yesterday I was reading my High school year book (embarassing, I know) anyway, I was laughing so hard at your little "signing" of the yearbook. You wrote- next year is going to kick a#*! Oh I'm chuckling right now. Give Wyatt a kiss for me and tell him his girlfriend Delilah is probably dreaming about him right now.

BA said...

I'm sad I didn't make the list.

Erin said...

jill, i decided we should be alone together more often -- just sit around and do nothing but watch some tube and munch... i'd be okay with that. i'm probably a poor substitute for your sisties, but i know how it feels to miss the sisties.

Robyn said...

Wow, you wrote that post at 9:30 in the AM. That is a bad sign. I'm sorry you miss your friends and sisters, I know how that feels. But time moves faster than you think and you will be home soon. Enjoy the adventure and feel free to call, email, text, instant message, web cam whenever you need to.