Thursday, May 07, 2009

a little friendly banter...

My brother sent Sean and me the following email:

Chris: Nice Face...

Sean: Was someone trying to steal her hostess snowball? (i just so happen to love snowballs, especially after they have been in the freezer)
Jill: I hate you guys. I think I look pretty.
Chris: Whatever it was it looks like she is about to gnaw someone's finger off!
: I then politely told Chris he was being rude.
Sean: No response
Jill: Sean say something!! You are my husband, you are supposed to defend me.
Sean: Yea, I think we were a little harsh on you. Seriously, if someone stole your snowball, they deserve the face of Satan that you gave them.

In my defense, we were told to make an "ugly face" in the picture. Is it my fault that my ugly face really is ugly...and not "cute ugly"??

ps. Chris and Sean, you guys are such sweet(jerks)hearts.


brooke said...

good grief, if i have to see this picture posted for the world to see one more time i'm going to do something.... i don't know what, but something.

+L said...

that picture is just lovely.

{b} said...

hahahah oh my gosh i cant stop laughing!! well at least if you are ever approached by someone in a dark alley, you can take care of the situation!