Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wyatt turned 2.

So we partied. Well...we went to the Scera pool because Wyatt loves to "shwim!" However, the weather was not really cooperating, and then the kiddie pool was evacuated so some poor 16 year old life guard could fish out a terd. After that happened, we finally called it a night, and headed over to Smashburger with  friends and pigged out. It was delicious. Unfortunately though, we have no pictures. I don't know why.

Then on Sunday we had a family party complete with presents and cake. It was fun to watch Wyatt open his gifts. No matter what it was, he would gasp, and say "WOW!!!". He is pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

The Birthday Boy
Juder.  Just because.
Presents. Wyatt had lots of help opening.

The cake. He wasn't a fan.
Birthday Bubbles.  I may or may not have scared the children away.
Wyatt, I hope your day was extra special, just like you. What a big boy you are!


Alifinale said...

Happy Birthday Wyatt! I can't believe how big he is and talking so good. He really is so cute. Sounds like a fabulous birthday, terd and all.

Did you really make a trifle for a 2 year old birthday cake. I love it.

Kjohnson said...

Love it! Jude is really starting to look more like Wyatt, yes? Did the terd belong to one of your children? Just curious.

Jill said...

he's two! what the? what an amazing cake jill. wyatt doesn't know what he's missing. btw, you're so prittay.