Thursday, January 29, 2009

So I don't forget...

Wyatt started...

-smiling around 1 month
-rolling over around 1 1/2 months
(but randomly would roll starting at 2 weeks?!)
-laughing around 2 months
-sitting up around 5 1/2 months

Wyatt loves (at 6 months)...

-when you tickle his neck
-taking baths
-being held
-laughing at himself in the mirror (we do this every night before bath time)
-being held
-being thrown in the air
-being held
-pulling mommy's hair
-chewing on anything
-standing up (with help of course)
-when Mommy sings "I love Wyatt, he loves me...we love Daddy, yes siree"
-throwing his arms up in the air and kicking when he gets excited
-to stare at strangers in the subway
-sticking his entire fist in his mouth, making himself gag
-his binky, if he can figure out how to keep it in his mouth longer than 10 seconds
-blowing bubbles (actually not so much now, but this was a big hit a couple weeks ago)


s.lloyd said...

He also loves waking up during the night and puking! He also loves to walk, but he will only do this for dad. :)

lindsey said...

i love holding that little guy!!

Alifinale said...

Very impressive. You are the cutest mom. I want to see this little man because all I picture is the 2 week version of him.

Dustin and Melissa said...

What a sweet blog entry...thank you for sharing.

blah, blah by lindsey said...

jill, jill..
do you know how good at guitar hero, i am??? just ask aimee how she liked having her A** handed to her!

Kjohnson said...

I was just waiting for you to finally leave a comment before I posted something new. I want to hold Wyatt in a bad way right now....he is getting so big. p.s. I took pics of my niece with my new cam and guess what she wore the whole time? her one of a kind dress made by Jill. My stepmom wants to know where you got the pattern.

Doug and Stacey said...

This is Krystle's stepmom. Sorry to invade your blog but I was wondering if you could get me the instructions or tell me where I could get that pattern for the sack type dress???? I love to sew! My email is

Hayley said...

pretty impressive list- lets just say Wyatt is a little more advanced than Mallory was at those ages :) So many fun events during that first year- you and sean are such cute parents!