Friday, March 27, 2009

Soho Fro-Yo

That title took me way too long to think of. Moving on.

Ruth introduced us to the best yogurt place I have been to yet. Yogurtland!! It definitely blows Pink Berry, Bloomingdales and Red Mango out of the water. I still just get the plain stuff (only because its the best), and I was loving every bite.

We also spotted a cupcake stand. Baked By Melissa, that featured these beauties.

I will be going back soon to sample these little things.

On our walk back to the subway, we spotted this contraption. I am pretty sure it's a space shuttle disguising itself as a car.

Don't we look awesome on the subway?

Thanks Kristi for sharing your pictures, one of these days I will bring along my own camera. Maybe.


+L said...

those cupcakes brightened my day. i could definitely use a little cupcake stand in my life. :)

Eve said...

You are always doing the funnest things Jillie. You'll look back on these years and think they were the BEST!!! New York is awesome. Wish I were coming next week.

Alifinale said...

Thank you for affirming what I already knew - yogurtland is my fav! We have one here and I love it! Now I just need some of those cupcakes. Looks like you are having way too much fun there.

Erin said...

um, melissa apparently knows her stuff. cookie dough? INSIDE the cupcake? she may blow everybody else out of the water. yogurtland most certainly did.

{b} said...

you guys DO look awesome on the subway!
and how come none of the other pedestrians seem to care that there is a spaceship right in front of them? weird.

Team Candland said...

ah, the city! i am making a list of all the places to go with becca when she comes and visits and i use your blog as an idea finder all the time!:) see ya wednesday!!

the waites said...

I love the subway pic.Priceless. I too adore Yougurtland. I go just to hear the tunes. That spaceship was on Kelly and Regis, how funny!