Tuesday, April 21, 2009

correction: NYC is always fun with the sisties :)

The week before I came out to AZ, my sisters came in to town (minus 1, sorry Lindsey..you were missed). We had lots on the agenda, but our main priority was eating. We planned each day around where we were going to eat. I am mostly to blame for this, since all I think about is food. Its hard not to when you live in a place with so many great restaurants!

Here is what we did in no particular order.

Central Park. How cute does Wyatt look with his little hat on?!!

On our way back from the Brooklyn Flea Market


Rockefeller Plaza

Chelsea Market

more at Rockefeller Plaza

Pylones. Also, please notice my extremely tan face and defined cheekbones. We stopped by Fresh, and got a makeover. Doesn't my bronzer look so natural?! When she finally revealed my new face, I guess my shocked expression was pretty obvious. She then quickly "blended it out a bit"...which I guess means, put more bronzer on my neck??

Eileens Special Cheesecake

La Esquina

Crumbs, plus a lot of rain.

I think you get the picture :)

We also saw The Little Mermaid, and Brooke and Aimee saw Wicked.

Another highlight of the trip...we saw Hayley from One Tree Hill walking into Isabella's (across from Shake Shack). We felt so famous. For those of you who have no idea who I am talking about....she is soooo famous.


brooke said...

best trip ever. no lie!! and who says there is anything wrong with centering every minute around food??? you were such a gracious host, and lindsey you were terribly missed :(
i'll be coming to visit you again this summer!!

+L said...

i concur. absolutely nothing wrong with a food centered vacation. upon hearing we could go to hawaii, i immediately started telling ryan about all the restaurants we would have to visit while we were there. oh yeah. and perhaps we need to hit the beach.

Kjohnson said...

She is so famous! I watched that show last night and was thinking she is so cute. I bet NY was fun with the sisties! You all look adorable!p.s. I need some of that bronzer. I somewhat resemble powder right now.

the waites said...

before I read the caption I was like wow Jill got tan in Az. I think it looks beautiful! I love sister bonding. Nothing better then great food and sisters. What beauties you all are too! I wish I was prego in New York:) I could easily put on 50 lbs.

Kathryn said...

I only resent the title of your post a tiny bit.

Can't wait until you come back so we can eat our way through the city. You picked some good spots with your sisters... We need to go back to La Esquina soon. I haven't been there since I went with you & Erin.

s.lloyd said...

Glad to know that it's ALWAYS better with your sisters...obviously the husband is just chump change.

Alifinale said...

So much fun and food really is the best part of any vacation! Oh man I want to come visit, even if I'm not a sister can I get the same tour?

s.lloyd said...

Thank you for correcting the title of this post.

aimee said...

oh man that trip was a ball!

Erin said...

that's a proper sisties trip. now it's time for you to come home so you can start doing "research" for their next trip out there.