Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Road Trippin' With My 3 Favorite Allies

As Sean would say. We are taking our first family roadtrip this Friday. I think we will be totaling about 36 hrs in the car, and will be driving through 14 states. Things could get ugly with 2 youngsters in the back seat....but I'm praying we make it home with fond memories.

Our main destinations:
Washington DC
Niagra Falls
New Hampshire

Any places* we need to check out along the way? Suggestions are welcome.

*i'm referring to food, of course.


Kathryn said...

My book! You need my book! It's currently in a box. I'll get it unpacked by Friday morning. :)

Philadelphia - we like Reading Terminal Market. It's fun.

Washington DC - go to Good Stuff Eatery (burgers). You'll love it. And Baked & Wired Cupcakes in Georgetown.

Niagra Falls - Go on the Maid of the MIst boat - although I'm not sure how Jude (or Wyatt??) would do. It's amazing though.

Maine - I like Bar Harbor. It's cute. Eat a crab cake for me.

You'll have so much fun. :)

Cannon and Kassie said...

sounds so fun Jill! Watch some man vs food episodes if you want some ideas of places to eat. If you have netflix you can watch it instantly and choose the city. I don't know if they're the best places but they are interesting :)

Sariah Stokes said...

Do you like lobster? If you do you have to have a Lobster Roll in Maine!(i am from there remember)you can get them anywhere, even some McDonalds have them but they are the best if you can get them from a vender on the side of the road. Maybe a little sketchy but very good!

{lizzythebotanist} said...

good luck! take a portable DVD player-it will save your life! and ipods, too. nash loves to just put the headphones in and listen away.

i have no food suggestions for you, sorry. but have a fun trip!

Kathryn said...

PS, get a Philly cheese steak at Pat's or Gino's or Tony Luke's in Philadelphia. There's a good place in Reading Terminal Market, too.

Also - the Anthropologie there (by Rittenhouse Square) is beautiful. :)

Eve said...

If you like crab go to Bethesda Crab House Bethesda, Maryland, 10 minutes from Barbara's. They just dump a huge bucket of hot spiced steamed crabs on the table and bring a basket of corn on the cob. It's outstanding, but definately not kid friendly.

Brit Warner said...

I also loved the Reading Terminal Market in Philly. All sorts of good food, especially in the Amish section.

the waites said...

ummmm... I move the 30th of June. Any chance you will be in the behive state???

your kiddos really are the cutest! I cant wait to see them in the flesh someday. 99% chance were moving to Az for a year so I will see you.