Saturday, June 19, 2010

Emails from an 11 yr old.

Meet Samantha, my niece, who lives in AZ. Every now and then she likes to send me emails. They usually include lots of "!" and "<3" and ":)". Here is what they say:


Subject: heya!

hey Jillie,

i am soo excited to be able to see you up in Utah. i haven't been in 3 years! can you beleive it? i cant wait to see Jude either, he looks adorable! i will see you soon!

Love ya so much, Samantha

p.s i'll remeber to bring my camera!

another p.s it says i like cheese cause thats

my signature


Subject: thanks for making me smile
hey jill,

i sent out a text to everyone that had a smiling face.

at the bottom i put "thx 4 makin me smile :)" i would

of done it to you to but, i dont have your cell.

anyway i want to tell you how much i lve you.

thank you sooooo much for the times you made

me smile!!!!

love ya soo much, Samantha


I bet you wish you had a niece like Samantha. She is the bomb.


blah, blah by lindsey said...

lucky you! those emails are super special.

Alifinale said...

I have nieces that age and they never send me awesome emails. I am way jealous.

Kris said...

She sounds very friendly. My nieces are almost five and they have long phone conversations with me about bears and swimming lessons.

Hayley said...

so so great and even better that you posted them so we could all enjoy them! Jill, I love your blog- I laugh and laugh OUT LOUD the whole way through- you are such a good writer and instead of listing all my favorite parts of your last 10 posts.. I'll just say thanks and I'm missin you!