Saturday, September 11, 2010

Raspberry Sour Cream Crumb Cake

Kathryn and I made this the other day. Need I say more?

I know Wyatt, you want some. Quit looking at me with those doe eyes.

"Wow! Cake! More! Please! MMM!"
Pictures courtesy of KW.


Erin K said...

i just saw the title and started drooling. i made a blueberry buckle crumb cake once and it looked like that. so good. i'm about to make zucchini bread. yum

Kathryn said...

Wyatt's reaction was really priceless. It's obvious that he doesn't get treats very often.


Eve said...

I bought the ingredients for this cake. Is it as good as it looks?
Can't wait to make it. As usual Wyatt's adorable. Mom

Alifinale said...

Yumm...did you save me some?

{b} said...

ummm.... yes please! that looks amazing! Yay! You better stop by when you are in town in Nov! :)

mb said...

seriously. I need this like 5 minutes ago. I LOVE crumb cake.