Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wyatt wants to be a bus driver...

After visiting the NY Transit Museum today! There are a few things that I want to do before we leave NYC, and going to this Museum in Brooklyn was one of them. We stopped for lunch at Buttermilk Channel (featured on Unique Eats on the Cooking Channel of course!) in Red Hook, then headed up to the Museum for some serious fun. Wyatt was a maniac, but loved every minute of it. Running around inside the old subway cars, driving his own bus, and seeing all the trains. He didn't want to leave. Literally. He was hysterical. And after making the bad bad decision of taking him into the gift shop where all the books and toy subway cars, trains and buses were, he officially lost it, and then we headed home. But I'm so glad we went, it was worth every one of Wyatt's tears. See for yourself:


Funny story? I wanted to see if Wyatt could hold himself up. Well he could, for about 5 seconds. You can't really tell, but he wasn't positioned over the seats, like it looks. He was really a few feet above the ground. And yes, I almost didn't catch him. See below. Sean was not happy with me.

Subway car to ourselves
Bus driver in training

Sean took his job very seriously.

As he ushered the riders on.

Pure happiness

A lot of our pictures were blurry, but you will just have to trust me, the subway cars were awesome. And there were TONS. All different styles, from different eras.

It was hot down there, ok?

Family picture attempt

Blurry bus riding


brooke said...

Wyatt is awesome in these pictures! Looks like fun for all!!

Kathryn said...

Okay, so this museum looks awesome. I've always wanted to go. Thanks for the invite, jerk.

Oh wait. I was at home wearing diapers. Nevermind.


Sine family said...

so glad you went and loved it. Its a sine family favorite.

Kjohnson said...

Is Wyatt dripping sweat on his shirt or did he spill his sippy or something. If it's sweat, Wyatt and I have more in common then I thought.

brooke said...

Krystle = awesome

mb said...

Seeing that makes me think you were walking around super hot and miserable all the time...but it's a museum not a subway platform so you have a/c.

NOW I want to go.

Jill said...

jill - the picture of wyatt with his face pressed against the window is SO FUNNY. I've been laughing for a good while about him. I'm upset I never saw this place but I'm glad you got to try the Buttermilk Channel - its right by my cousin - mmm, mmm good.