Tuesday, August 02, 2011


A few weeks in UT visiting family, going to the Discovery Museum, camping, hiking. Just having the time of our lives basically.

The Boise Zoo. The butterfly exhibit was awesome. Can you believe what a good mom I am? I have a severe moth phobia (and let's be honest, a butterfly is the moth's fancy sister), so I think I deserve the Mom of the year award for taking my boys through that death trap.

Eagle Island + Lucky Peak is where we have lived the past few weeks. Until the nasty geese at Lucky Peak decided to poo everywhere and contaminate the water with E. coli. Don't worry, because my kids would just inhale that water while they rolled around in it. No biggie.

Go summer!


brooke said...

Fun collages! I do remember an incident of you being attacked by a moth while driving down the canyon..i think we pulled over as you were freaking out just before you drove us into the rushing river? That was awesome

Emma said...

I totally get the moth thing. It's like squirrels/rats.

Also, Hyrum was slurping/drinking water off the slide at the playground yesterday. Think maybe that's why he can't seem to kick whatever little bug it is that's giving him 5+ dirty diapers a day. Hmmm.

Erin said...

nasty, fuzzy little maggots. why on earth would a zoo have a moth exhibit? it's like having a belly button lint exhibit. flying belly button lint.

you're tan and lovely. and a good mom. i hope you had some valium or xanax before the zoo.

the waites said...

go summer is right! you are looking FAB-U-LOUS! jilly! I love that suit...old navy?? I saw it and wanted it but they only had XL.

Who knew you were such the back packer. I love the new Granola jill. NoW post more often. recipes too!


Alifinale said...

Way to recap in 5 seconds. I love summer. Sad we didn't play more while we were both partying it up in UT. Looks like you had loads of fun.

Kjohnson said...

Jill moth phobia? I am peeing my pants. Also just building off Brooke's memory, do you recall when a moth flew at the windshield of your defender and you jumped the curb and knocked over that ladies trash can while she stood in her yard flabbergasted as you peeled off?a

aimee said...

I do recall that Krystal. Because I was in the car. And Jill told an innocent 14 year to lie to our parents