Sunday, September 25, 2011

State Fair

If you are thinking about taking your kids to the fair. Don't. They will most likely have simultaneous meltdowns and immediately get diarrhea upon arrival. And! You will end up paying $75 per person for really gross food + 15 second rides while getting attacked by mosquitos and sweating to death in the 100 degree heat. I'm also 99% sure that we all contracted the AIDS virus while trying to hose Wyatt down in the public bathroom after said dysentery took action. Sick.

Jude's face pretty much sums up our evening.


blah, blah by lindsey said...


k. said...

I'm dying laughing. Dying.

Except that AIDS isn't funny. Of course.


And $75?! Please tell me you were exaggerating.

Also: Thank you for blogging. It makes my heart happy.

Erin said...

sorry to hear about the HIV. did you at least have a deep fried oreo?

brooke said...

looks fun to me